About Donations
Your gift can be the key ingredient that will turn hunger into hope for people in need.
You can make a very real difference to our comprehensive hunger-relief efforts in Madison County. The need is huge; more than 15,000 neighbors in our region are food-insecure, which means they don’t know the source of their next meal. With your support, we can continue to help children grow strong in mind and body, bring security to families, and provide independence for seniors to continue to live in dignity and good health.
Monthly Giving
A recurring gift is a powerful way to make a true impact.
Signing up for a Recurring Gift is a powerful way to help God's Outreach provide steady, reliable hunger relief all year long. Your gift will be repeated monthly when you check the Recurring Gift option.
By selecting the Recurring Gift option, you authorize God's Outreach to initiate debit entries from your credit card.